soft body arab virgin

Soft body Arab Virgin

The Arab man or the Arab woman who has just gotten married to someone who is a virgin or has not had sex yet, she is considered an “Arafat” by her family. She cannot have intercourse until after this happens because the “virginity” is still in her hand. And if she gets it first then the” virginity” is no longer in her hand. But what happens if she is caught in the act of having sex with her boyfriend? Well, if she is caught she is punished according to Arabic law. According to Islamic law, a man is only allowed to have one sex slave. If she happens to have more than one than that. Then her entire family becomes guilty and they are both sent to jail.

Some say that the punishment is so harsh that some women have been known to kill themselves because of their punishment. Is all this really the right way to go about getting a wife? And if the punishment fits the crime, which is getting a woman pregnant. Then why would it be any different with one who has already had sex? The Arab people are very conservative and they do believe in marriage before sex. And even harsher punishment is the case for those caught in the act.

Arab Virgin in USA

In the United States of America, the Arab people are mostly Muslims and they follow the Islamic law strictly. That’s why it is considered a sin for a woman to get pregnant outside of marriage. And getting sexually active before marriage is also considered to be a serious crime. However, the punishment for getting a woman pregnant is only one part of the crime. And the punishment for those caught in the act of having sex. With their own wives or girlfriends are also minors in the eyes of the law. So, is the Arab virgin getting a porn star treatment. Or is she getting a proper punishment for being caught in the act of having sex with her husband?

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